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Breakfast Egg & Cheese Burrito

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Serves 1   Ingredients 1 med-large tortilla 1 slice bacon 2 pastured eggs 1 tbls whole milk (preferably raw) 3 slices avocado 3 tbls shredded cheddar cheese (preferably raw) 2 tbls butter (from grass-fed dairy) Salt and pepper to taste …

New Rules for Three Meals

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    I think the long-standing belief is that the day should start with heart healthy grains and cereals.  The dairy and grain industries have spent billions of dollars to make you believe this and they’re now raking in trillions …

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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  Recently the National Sleep Foundation revised its recommendations on sleep needs by age.  Max Hirshkowitz, PhD, Chair of the National Sleep Foundation Scientific Advisory Council states that “the public can be confident that these recommendations represent the best guidance …

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