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About Little Beet Kids

The Little Beet Kids Philosophy


Thirty percent of children today live with chronic illness—a value that is far too high and much higher than ever before in the past. In the last decade the number of children living with behavioral disorders, obesity, allergies, asthma, metabolic or mitochondrial dysfunction, and autoimmune disorders has increased, all while the quality of our food and the integrity of our food system has experienced a steady decline.



…many children today are very often recurrently sick with ear infections, allergies, asthma and then, later in life, may develop autoimmune illnesses such as lupus, ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis. This is not because children just naturally pass around germs or have bad genes, but it is because their diets are inadequate. Antibiotics cannot prevent these problems. Only a diet of nutritional excellence can. – Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Disease Proof Your Child



As the owner of Little Beet Kids it is my goal to educate families on the importance of nutrition in their overall health. The current medical model which assumes that there is a medication for any ailment is sorely inadequate to address the growing health crisis in our nation and globally. And, it’s becoming more and more obvious that not only is modern medicine not holding back the tide it is actually helping to exacerbate it.


Little Beet Kids can help your family achieve optimal health without unnecessary medications or medical intervention simply by teaching you how to adopt a nutrient dense diet and healthful sleep that allows your body to function at its optimal level. The human body has the infinite capacity for healing when given the right tools to do so. So if you or your child is suffering from inadequate sleep or poor health or both, please allow us to help you find a path to wellness.


My family programs address the health of the entire family and can help parents lose weight, optimize cholesterol transport in the body, reverse or avoid heart disease, reverse type II diabetes, banish the brain fog, sleep better, have more energy, and be happier and more content. Children become less fussy, calmer, happier, better behaved, perform better in school and sports, and establish a healthy foundation that will carry them through their life free of physical and mental disease.


My pediatric programs focus on infants and children who have difficulty establishing normal sleep patterns. If your infant or toddler (or older child!) does not sleep through the night or requires your constant intervention to fall asleep or return to sleep in the middle of the night, Little Beet Kids can help you teach your child new sleep routines that will allow him to sleep through the night.


I also help families with children suffering from recurring illness (frequent colds, ear infections, pneumonia), behavioral problems (ASD, ADHD, anxiety) or atopic illness (asthma, allergies, eczema). If your child has an illness, diagnosed or suspected, Little Beet Kids can help you navigate a path to long term health.


If you are trying to have children, research shows that it is more important than ever for parents (both mom and dad) to achieve optimal wellness before conceiving children. In many cases, infertility results when the health of mom or dad is too poor to support a fetus. I offer fertility and maternal health programs that will help you get your baby off to a great start.


Little Beet Kids is your greatest resource for family wellness. Give your family the gift of health this year! Call for a free 30-minute evaluation (831) 275-0752(831) 275-0752 to find out how I can help you.


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