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Vaccine Exemption for California Schoolchildren

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If you live in California…   You may be aware that SB277 was passed and that means that ALL public school students will require vaccination starting in 2016.  You can still file an exemption, but you must do it before …

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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  Recently the National Sleep Foundation revised its recommendations on sleep needs by age.  Max Hirshkowitz, PhD, Chair of the National Sleep Foundation Scientific Advisory Council states that “the public can be confident that these recommendations represent the best guidance …

Healing (& easy!) Chicken Bone Broth Recipe

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Broths made from whole meats including the bones, skin and fat create wholesome soups full of essential fat-soluble vitamins that are necessary for mitochondrial function. Without the adequate intake of these vitamins, our energy metabolism cannot function properly. Furthermore, animal foods provide essential B-vitamins, especially B-12, not found in a plant-based diet.

Signature Healthy Beet Juice

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Signature Healthy Beet Juice A Little Beet Kids recipe   Juices are a great way to inject whole food doses of nutrients into your diet, especially for children or people suffering from digestive issues who might experience GI distress from …

Tips for Travelling With a Baby or Toddler

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For most parents the thought of travelling with a baby is overwhelming, and the idea of travelling with a toddler can evoke sheer dread! Until your children are old enough to sit for long periods of time entertained by a …

Tips for Dealing with Daylight Savings Time (Fall Back)

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Fall is here, the weather is cooling, the leaves are turning to brilliant browns and reds, and in some places the snow is already falling. This must mean one thing: summer is over and the dreaded end of daylight savings …

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