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For over four years I have worked with families around the globe, helping them with their children’s sleep, health and behavior; working with mothers trying to get pregnant and who already are; and working with adults to heal from a variety of health concerns.


Here are some letters from the people and families that I have helped achieve vibrant health and wonderful sleep!


“Worth every penny and then some!  Andrea’s support was extensive and compassionate, we truly felt she had our child’s best interest in mind at all times and ours!  I can’t recommend her program highly enough!”  – Pamela


“Nothing shy of amazing.  I feel like my life has finally turned around, I feel and look better than I ever have.  Thank you for supporting me through my health challenges and showing me how to eat and be healthy!”  – Karin


“You have been amazing, supportive, patient and comprehensive – I can’t thank you enough.”  – Kristen

“When I first talked with Andrea, we had been used to bouncing our daughter to sleep anytime she was tired!!  She was also sleeping with us in our bed.  At 3 months old we decided it was time to start sleep training and get her sleeping on her own in her crib.  There were several times in those first few days that I was ready to give up.  Andrea was so understanding and supportive.  After each conversation I felt reenergized and ready to work hard.  I felt more confident in the plan and most of all I felt that we were doing the right thing for our daughter.  Andrea was so responsive during the 2 week period.  My husband and I really felt like she was our coach.  Anytime we had a concern Andrea promptly addressed them.  I highly recommend the SleepBeet Sleep Program to new parents and couldn’t recommend Andrea enough.  Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable and realistic.  I am happy to report that our daughter is sleeping 12 hours a night, which means Mommy and Daddy are sleeping a lot more!!  Thank you Andrea!!” – Kathleen & Brad

“Cole seems to be really taking to the program which is awesome! Heather and I both woke up at on our own leisure this morning after a full night of sleep…haven’t done that it eight plus months.” – Mat

“Andrea, we don’t even know what to say, we woke up this morning and saw the daylight and couldn’t figure out where we were or what was going on. It took us a few minutes to realize we had slept the whole night. We ran to our sons room and there he was still asleep at 7 am! This house hasn’t seen a full night’s sleep in almost 2 years. How do we even begin to say THANK YOU!” – Susan & Cal

”Thank you for all your help–you are really amazing! I am telling all my mommy friends about this…and show them it really works and lasts.”  – Beth

“I knew and had read about several of your suggestions, but it was SUPER helpful to hear them from someone and to be told that I could do it, just be patient and consistent.  I do really think it relieved some anxiety for me and him, or at least the power struggle, once he knew he could sleep with us at some point, but that our sleep would be protected before that, which made me and my husband VERY happy.  I could be a nurturing, caring mom AND still get my sleep. We are all happier for the last 10 days.  Can’t wait for more! A very BIG thank you for your time and guidance.”  – Sarah

“My son was 25 months when we contacted Andrea. We have had challenges with him sleeping through the night since he was born. Even at 2 years old, he would wake up several times a night and we started realizing he had us trained and knew we would come to his rescue each time he would cry.  It’s never any fun listening to your child scream in the middle of the night so we would bring him in to our room with us right away so we could all get some rest. After our initial meeting with Andrea and after reviewing the sleep plan she had compiled for us, my husband and I felt relieved to have something in place that we could follow and be consistent with. It has been 2 weeks since we first started the program and I am so happy to report that W is now sleeping through the night. We went from him waking up at least twice a night to not at all. We are so relieved that we have a plan now. [Our son] also seems to be happier now that he is getting the rest that his body needs. We are so grateful that we had someone to turn to in our situation and who coached us through the process. Thank you Andrea!”  – Stacey


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